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MR Semi-Automatic Rotary Blister Sealer

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Manual heat sealer for low to medium volume applications.

The MR-2 Series machines are ideal for low to medium volume production.

The PTFE-coated sealing head is regulated by digital temperature control. Sealing time is controlled by an Omron timer.

The table is manually rotated by the operator. Once the loaded station is indexed in place, the sealing cycle is automatically activated.

Structure is of heavy gauge welded steel.

Custom Sizes and Features Available on Request.

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Item #

Maximum Sealing Area

Number of Stations

Working Pressure



Cylinder Bore Size

MR2-1418 14 x 18 in 2 80 psi 220 volts 15 amps 6 in
MR2-1824 18 x 24 in 2 80 psi 220 volts 20 amps 8 in
  Results 1 - 2 of 2 1 
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