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FAB Fully-Automatic Rotary Blister Sealer (w CAM)

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Fully automatic heat sealer for medium to high volume applications. Comes in 6 or 8 station configuration.

The FAB Series Rotary Blister Sealer is ideal for medium to high volume production.

These machines are equipped with automatic blister and card feeders, and an automatic unloading system for finished product. The feeders, unloading system, and sealing plate are independently controlled by operator interface to facilitate the Set-Up, and to run special products. The sealing plate is regulated by digital temperature control.

Machine is equipped with CAM index drive system with speed control.

Set-Up time of magazines, cards, and blisters, is quick and easy.

All motions and functions are coordinated using a PLC Control Panel with Touch Screen Operator Interface. Step-up counter is included in the interface. Push Buttons for feasibility of manual cycling and index jog are also standard.

Structure: Heavy gauge steel, tube construction.

Custom Sizes and Features are Available on Request.

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Item #

Maximum Sealing Area

Number of Stations

Open Loading Stations

Sealing Pressure @100 psi

Avg. Cycle Speed

FAB6-1418 14 x 18 in 6 2 5025 lb 1 - 20 cycles per minute
FAB6-1430 14 x 30 in 6 2 5025 lb 1 - 18 cycles per minute
FAB8-1418 14 x 18 in 8 4 5025 lb 1 - 24 cycles per minute
  Results 1 - 3 of 3 1 
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