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Item # PHS6-1418

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Our PHS Series Rotary Heat Sealers are ideal for clamshell and double-blister packaging. They offer high production, and tooling changeover is quick and simple, with no tools required. These units feature a PLC control panel with Operator Interface. All sequences are easily programmed.

These machines eliminate the need for special and costly Radio Frequency applications. They offer accelerated cycle speeds, easy operation, and require low maintenance. As well, they can also be used for regular Blister Packaging (sealing of blisters to cards). As optional features, the machines can be equipped with a self-standing automatic unloading system for the removal of finished products. Our 8-Station model can also be equipped with two optional automatic blister feeder systems (for top and bottom blisters), and automatic card insert feeder.

The PHS Series machines are equipped with a CAM index drive system.

All motions and functions are coordinated using operator interface. Counter is provided and can be reset for each production run. All functions for set-up purposes can be independently activated. Structure: Heavy gauge steel, tube construction.

Custom Sizes and Features Available on Request.

Specifications  · Dimensions  · Video


Machine Style

Semi-auto Rotary

Maximum Sealing Area

14 x 18 in

Number of Stations


Open Loading Stations


Cylinder Bore Sizes

2 @ 6"

Sealing Pressure @100 psi

2900 lb

Heating System

Cart. 4.8 KW

Avg. Cycle Speed (Plastic/Plastic)

1 - 14 cycles per minute

Finished Package Unloader


Auxiliary Feeder(s)

(1) Optional


208-230 volts / 3 phase / 60 Hz
220 volts / 1 phase / 60 Hz


19 amps
33 amps

Working Pressure

80 psi

Hot-Station Working Temperature (Plastic-to-Plastic)

250 - 260 ºC

Hot-Station Working Temperature (Blister-to-Card)

170 - 180 ºC

Cold-Station Working Temperature

45 - 50 ºF

Maximum Cycle Speed

10 - 12 cycles per minute

Optional Equipment

2 (Two) Automatic Blister Feeder Systems (Top & Bottom Blisters)
Automatic Card Insert Feeder

Automatic Unloading System


Machine Width

66 in

Machine Depth

70 in

Machine Height

70 in

Working Height

37 in

Approximate Weight

1500 lb



PHS PHS3 Datasheet
(PDF, 507KB)

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