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Item # PHS3-1418

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Starview’s PHS Series offers high production rates and a quick and simple, no hand tools, tooling changeover. All motions and functions are coordinated using a PLC and touch screen operator interface panel. The operator interface panel includes machine diagnostics and electrical, pneumatic and mechanical parts lists. The PHS Series includes an AC variable frequency CAM index drive system for smooth and trouble free rotary table operation. All structures are manufactured of heavy gauge welded steel.

These machines eliminate the need for costly and troublesome Radio Frequency machines and tooling. The PHS Series offers accelerated cycle speeds, ease of operation and low maintenance. As an added benefit the PHS Series units can also be used for conventional blister sealing (blister to card) applications.

Starview’s PHS3 has three operating modes. Semi automatic single (1) sealing fixture mode is used where only one sealing fixture is desired. The presses actuate automatically in sequence corresponding to the sealing fixture location. In Semi automatic three (3) sealing fixture mode the operator must press the cycle start button to initiate each sealing cycle. In Automatic Mode three sealing fixtures are used. Once the operator presses the cycle start button the machine will begin to operate only pausing for the sealing cycle plus any operator programmed table index dwell time.

Custom Sizes and Features Available on Request.

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Machine Style

Semi-auto Rotary

Maximum Sealing Area

14 x 18 in

Number of Stations


Open Loading Stations


Cylinder Bore Sizes

2 @ 6" (1 Hot Station / 1 Cold Station)

Sealing Pressure @100 psi

2900 lb

Heating System

Cart. 4.8 KW

Avg. Cycle Speed (Plastic/Plastic)

1 - 6 cycles per minute

Avg. Cycle Speed (Blister-to-Card)

1 - 8 cycles per minute


208-230 volts / 3 phase / 60 Hz
220 volts / 1 phase / 60 Hz


19 amps
33 amps


Machine Width

50 in

Machine Depth

55 in

Machine Height

70 in

Working Height

37 in

Approximate Weight

1200 lb



PHS PHS3 Datasheet
(PDF, 507KB)

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